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Mar 3, 2024

"Do you know my mom?"  The court-appointed monitor says that's off limits.


In this episode, Anna (pseudonym) tells her story.  Her son is 1yo, in diapers, when the police come to arrest her, while she attempts to contact her dealer for drugs before prison.  From there, she loses custody of her son, enters treatment,...

Feb 10, 2024

"How unfair for one man to be blessed with such a torrent of stimulating thoughts. Stimulating is an understatement." —Richard Dawkins

A memoir by one of the greatest minds of our age, preeminent philosopher and cognitive scientist Daniel C....

Jan 30, 2024

Christopher Bollas


Transcript erratum: The director of the film “Zone of Interest” is Jonathan Glazer. 

Christopher Bollas presents us with a new literary form in his Conversations: twenty-three unique dialogues to captivate, amuse, and inspire. The psychoanalyst Paula Heimann asked: 'Who is speaking?...

Jan 14, 2024

Howard Kirschenbaum (Rochester)

The life and work of Carl Rogers

Twenty years after his death, PCCS Books celebrates the life and work of Carl Rogers with the long-awaited second edition of the much-acclaimed biography by Howard Kirschenbaum, On Becoming Carl Rogers. This completely re-written and re-titled edition...

Dec 14, 2023

Deirdre Nansen McCloskey (Cato Institute)

Crossing: A Transgender Memoir


New York Times Book Review Notable Book of the Year
“I visited womanhood and stayed. It was not for the pleasures, though I discovered many I had not imagined, and many pains too. But calculating pleasures and pains was not the point. The...